In Case You Missed It – Succulent Book Planters

By Lacee Sowell, Marketing Specialist This should come as no surprise to anyone, but we at the library are all about using books to decorate. We love books, especially ones that have beautiful covers, spines, or pages. When we stumbled upon a few boxes of beautiful old books, we knew we had to do something … Continue reading In Case You Missed It – Succulent Book Planters


Caraval Week 4 Discussion

By Elizabeth Engelman, Teen and Outreach Librarian NOTE: THIS POST MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FROM CARAVAL BY STEPHANIE GARBER. PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO KNOW WHAT OCCURS IN CHAPTERS 35-EPILOGUE OF THE NOVEL. THANK YOU. And here we are at the end.  Scarlett has found her sister! She tries to convince … Continue reading Caraval Week 4 Discussion